Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Steve Johnson Orlando, FLORIDA, US

Posted: 2019-02-19

Chapter 4, Auto-Suggestion

The Third Step to Riches

 Weeds of past failures and disappoitments crop our minds. This happens because we focus on the bad rather than on our goals. We must furtilize the good, not the bad.

 We must imagine what we want! Focus on our financial goals. Speak then aloud to ourself daily. this is done by going into a quiet place, wrighting our goals and dreams down, speak then aloud with feeling and emotion, and placing the writen notes in places that we can see throughout the day. By speeking our desire in this way, our subconcios mind will pick up on this and soon believe it to be fact.

  We must have the faith of a child in order to create the dreams we passionly seek.

  Steve Johnson

Orlando, Florida