Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Stan Murrah Houston, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-02-13

This is a great chapter.  It's meaningfulness and it's truthfullness are unquestioned.  There are many proofs of this.  I fully believe in these beliefs and truths.  I have experienced them and I know that much of my success is because of my application of these beliefs and these mindsets.  I'm not fearful because I know that I'm protected and in the end, I will come out good; even better than before.  

I'm a computer programmer and I kept thinking that auto-suggestion is really a way to program the mind.  Program the mind to think and feel positivity and the mind and Infinite Intelligence will produce positive results.  We all know or have come into contact with people who truly believe that they have bad luck and that they are destined for failures or poverty.  If you think it, so be it.  

Positivity attracts more positivity and negativity attracts more negativity.

All of the things in this chapter are things that I have studied, believed and practiced for most of my life.  This chapter and this book serve to remind me to practice them more or get back to them.  

We have many negative influences in our environment and if we aren't putting ourselves in a position to get the positive influences (such as associating with this master mind group), then it's natural that we will be influenced by the negativity and become more negative.  

This is about developing new habits and having continual reminders to keep those habits.  These habits can then shield us from the negative influences.  One habit is the auto suggestion.  This is where we are programming our mind to not only think positively, but belief in the manifestation of those thoughts.  

I also learned that there are various degrees of positive thought.  Just as there are different degrees of burning desire.  The different degrees are what determine the amount of riches.  One thing that I need to learn is to not limit myself.  I need to think bigger and believe bigger.  

I love that his formula is also win-win and not win lose.

Thank you to this group and to my mentor, Bob Shoaf.  You are a positive influence and your belief in me helps me to believe more in myself.

- Stan