Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Diana Miller Albany, Or, US

Posted: 2019-02-11

In my teaching and in my learning for today for the lesson of faith. I have had times in the past where I have had great amounts of faith and times 
where i have had little to no faith. As a small child in church I can remember being told by church congregation would  say just to have faith.

I remember feeling a lot of what I could see was not really that pretty around me. How was i to have faith and blieve in something that I could
not see would be better. But then in spite of or because i grew up in the woods, literally I knew that I could not see the woods each and every
moment, I knew that they were only a moment thought away and to this day when i feeling down I can within moments take my self to the
woods and admire and appreciate the woods

.I could see the trees and all the shades of green, smell the scents of the forest and hear the birds singing their lovely songs. I knew that even
if i was not in the woods for real I had the faith and belief that i was there. As I grew older I came to believe that self talk was very helpful and
a lot could be gained by using good postive self talk expressions.

I am to date working on improving the quality and quanity of such expressions out loud and to my self.I actually had started by using an outloud
use of gratutide to the good lord above for all of his blessings he has given me. When i first starteddoing this I felt strange and silly and people
would look at me like i had trullylost it. Now I do it all the time regardless of where I am at to thank him for his kindness his wisdom and his blessins.

I also now say outloud that I need some understanding or perhaps a little help at the moment, granted I still get some mighty strange looks but
I getthe help I need shortly there after. I am now working towards those self talks of 100's of times a day. I know i feel funny doing just a few u
know 20 or so a day, so doing a few hundred is taking a spell to wrap my mind around. I will get there I am determinded.

thanks to all for being here and for listening

Diana Lynne