Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rick Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2019-02-10

Do you believe that you can speak your reality into existence? I heard Michael say that a lot when I first joined mentoring for free. Still just as true today as it was then. And yes, I do believe you can whether is negative or positive reality. I am so thankful that we can control our thoughts!


Later on I learned that you could speak your faith into reality through self talk because faith is a state of mind that can be deveoped!. Like the example that Hill gives I had people at church tell me to just have faith when problems came up. And when those problems came up I was generally in a fearful or negative state which will only attract more of what you don't want. I learned by doing my self talk so many times that I could block out that negativity and build my faith! Sad thing about it is there are so many others who don't know how to have faith and the ones that would tell me to just have it might not have known how to have it themselves. It kind of reminds me about big Al's sponsor telling him to just go out and be positive when things weren't working for him in his network marketing business. He found that he had to learn some skills!


My old negative default used to be I will believe it when I see it. Now after this program I can flip it around and say and mean truly that I will see it when I believe it and after all doesn't  faith just build belief?


I know that when I go out on my motorcycle that there is a good chance I will return because I have developed riding skills through the years. I know that when I go to sleep at night chances are I will wake up the next morning because I have done that for so many years also. Building a successful network marketing business was a little more testing of my faith because I have never done it before and that's where faith and belief come into play. I know now that by repeating myself talk over and over, developing skills, and taking action my confidence steadily grows and now it is not IF but just a matter of when and I can control that by my actions.


Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for patiently waiting on many of us and having faith add us until we can have full faith in ourselves. Thank you to all my brilliant mastermind partners and friends who I learn from each and every week.


Rick Burnett

Fairhope, Al