Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2019-01-23

The best way to get rid of FEAR is just pull the trigger and take action. NOTHING ever happens if you do not step out of our comfort zones and just do whats necessary to own our lives. We talked about it on a leadership call that you have to know what you are shooting for? How many customers and team members you need to promote to a certain rank and how many your team members do as well. Together achieves MORE! Bob Shoaf mentioned that he discussed with his group GOALS what are they doing to do to accomplish them. Its NO different than building a building. You gotta have a PLAN what are you going to do each week, what are you going to do each day. Down to an hour! 

Napoleon Hills son had formed a PLAN to earn the money he wanted to have. While his older brother would cry for it and get it. There is NO such thing as a handout where everyone gets a throphy. You gotta EARN you way to success and you gotta know what is supposed to be done to win each contest that your company announces by a certain date. The winner gets the reward! Is it worth it? YES it is! 

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: When the going gets tough the TOUGH get going.....