Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2019-01-21

There is a couple of fears which remain standing in my way. They both relate back to the reaction of destructive relationships in my own life. Ben it’s got to stop You continue to let one man’s constant emotional response to who you were run Your life. These days You barely see or speak to him after so many disappointments over the years.

However he has shaped who You are and how You react today. For many Years it scared You being a dad because of his reaction and wanting to be different change Your own families lives and You have changed so much, taking Jamie overseas at 3 months to see his family overseas. Where neither Jenny or Yourself left the country till much older.

You let this persons reaction from years ago when they left saying “I don't want dependents anymore” control Your life that You are scared of being unable to work again owing to health. Ben You are healthier than You were when he walked out and You've seen that You will be ok no matter what happens. You let the naysayers have their say on every area as they believe their right. It is time to Stop it.

Am I going to listen to the childless negative relative who talks about having a child walking the plane on their first plane trip ever. When we've taken our son on the plane before and he's happy. It's a way of fear attempting to gain entry to our mind. Are You gonna choose to listen to someone who constantly speaks poorly of those around them, You hear about their grandkids father who does this and that, their son who barely messages, their Tennant who is doing this and that or get a message saying is Your wife done for the day I am unable to find her. Someone who is scared about their child getting home safe that pay for their ride home. abut You work till midnight nightly relying on public transport home or walk and its non existent. I know who to listen to more than anyone else and that's the guys here at mff.

So are You gonna listen to those who constantly are there knocking others and Yourself Ben letting them run Your life. I choose to listen to those at MFF especially my mentors Linda and Michael Dloughy and Ken Klemm.

Thank You so much to the amazing team from mff, my wonderful mentors Ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dloughy for your continued love, support and guidance. thank you to my amazing wife Jenny for your continued love.

Your friend and mentor for life

big hugs my friends

west ryde nsw Australia