Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Steve Johnson Orlando, FLORIDA, US

Posted: 2019-01-16

Chapter 14 -The Sixth Sense

   The subconscious mind is where Creative Imagination thrives. Within this part of the the brain is where we receive ideas, hunches, bright ideas. Michael Dlouhy often says that we must shut out all the noise around us. When we sit alone and listen to our inner self, we may be able to tune into our Creative Imagination and hear these aha moments.

  As we sleep, our subcontious minds take over in our dreams. This is because we are not focusing on all the chatter around us. In this moment is where the Creative Imagination THRIVES!  We must keep a note pad or recording device near by to jot down any ideas we receive during the night. 

 The sixth sence also sends signals of danger or a potential bad decision intime to avoid them. It also helps us when it comes to a Fight or Flight situation. 


Steve Johnson

Orlando, Florida