Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Cheryl Stuhr Houston, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-01-10





The Brain

The twelfth step toward riches 


Have you ever had someone else finish your sentence or say something almost at the exact moment you were thinking

the same thing? It can be a bit annoying or a bit strange and creepy, depending on what you were thinking. You think to yourself, "WOW,

how did they know that?" or "I didn't say anything about this to anyone, how did they know?" "Who told them my idea?"


No one did. You could call it a coincidence, but more likely it was a high rate of vibration between you and another person close by.

Napoleon stated, "The Creative Imagination is the 'receiving set' of the brain, which receives thoughts, released by the

brains of others."


Hey, that was my idea!! That was what I was thinking when I was talking to the church receptionist. I was really "pumped

up" about an idea I had for  community service that the church could provide. My idea was to have a "recycling" day. Before 

I could finish my thought, she butted in and said, "I told someone about recycling plastics, too." I hadn't even said the word

plastics-but that was my idea.  


An interesting thing about the transmission of your thoughts-they have to be back by EMOTION! We just have to keep our thoughts

positive combined with positive emotions.


You know what they say about "great minds think alike", well, I'm going to say: "Great minds think alike, only with good

vibrations". (For those of you who are not  baby boomers-"Good Vibrations" was a song by the Beach Boys way back in the day.)


Cheryl from Houston