Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2019-01-09

Chapter 13 The Brain

I love this chapter. I have been fascinated with the brain since I knew I had one. Once I knew it was the one thing that controlled everything in our bodies. It can also aid in thought and speaking of our thoughts. Allowing us to speak our thoughts subconsciously or out loud. This is something I always knew I could control even before coming here to mentoring for free. I knew that what I do and what I say can control my future. I have yet to say a bad thing or think a bad thought since working with mentoring for free through the year or more now. I however still have things beyond my control come into my life. Then our brain has a defense mechanism that takes over and depending on how well you have trained your brain could make the difference between rising above and marching on to crashing to the ground and giving up on the world all because of one little problem. You can create more and more problems for yourself. 

I am a natural procrastinator. But I am starting to believe it is the emotion of the task that makes me procrastinate if you know what I mean. I listen to Brian Tracy's Eat That Frog video a lot. That means that when you wake up in the morning you need to do the one thing you are most afraid of first and then nothing else in the day will ever feel that bad. When I sit here days and days worrying about the one thing or 10 things that I don't do nothing gets done because I am trying to do the thing that scares me first and I am not doing it. I now label the feeling I get to do them. This way I can start telling myself the order I should do them. But then I will not do anything because I just can't get past the things that I fear. 

What is weird is I have now made lots of progress online and it is because I am consistent in the thought that I will one day be successful and look back at the day I started as I do today. My book is called My 5 Year Plan is more like a 7 Year Itch. I know what to do but I won't do it. I need to start prioritizing my time not make a list that I get overwhelmed with. I have been doing one thing every day that scares me and something else toward my future. I may not get on Facebook and check out your profile or see your message. Like and share your stuff. I am helping other people that want to make a good future as I do. Stop sending me messages that you hate your life. I really don't care. I was told to heal spiritually and I will be putting myself my family and the team of people that are looking for my help. I don't care if you are broke,  I don't care that you hate yourself. You have the ability to fix it. It is not my responsibility to do that. But I can keep you motivated and show you the steps to stay consistent and as happy as possible. 

I went to a psychic on New Years Day with a friend while we were walking on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. It actually changed my life. Some of you may not believe. I have seen psychics in my life and one day a lady approached me and told me my grandma was leaving me pennies and dimes and was I noticing them. I did giggle and think I was crazy for going to something like this because with all the stuff I have learned about the power of auto-suggestion. But when this lady started telling me things that she would never know and told me there were lots of jealous people around me. It also worried her. The next day in a phone conversation with a lead she said so many jealous people on Facebook. It was like someone was answering me from above and telling me where all the jealous people were coming from. Of Course. I do see and deal with this daily.

The brain is an awesome thing. You can make your World or destroy your World. Sometimes people mess up their thoughts so bad they have to be removed from society or they give up on life altogether. The brain can be treated and it is important to keep it healthy daily so you can deal with the little hiccups that life does throw at you. Sometimes I imagine a boulder rolling down the road and you steer out of the way just in time but sometimes you get tired and forget to turn the wheel and get rolled over with the boulder. Just keep driving and don't stop ever. It is not my responsibility to fix your life. But I can keep you motivated and show you the steps to stay consistent and as happy as possible so you can keep steering the car away from the boulders and learn to drive right through it when one hits you. 

Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill New Jersey