Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Cheryl Stuhr Houston, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-01-03

Think and Grow Rich
Lesson 12
Subconscious Mind The Connection Link
The eleventh step toward riches

Your subconscious mind is like  your digestive system. If you put junk in and junk will come out. It's automatic; just like
the thoughts you think. If you constantly hear negative words, ideas, opinions, and other stuff, and you don't challenge
them, your subconscious mind will, basically say, "Ok, I got it. That's the way it will be then!"

Napoleon Hill stated that one has to gain control over the subconscious mind by forming the habit of applying 
and using positive emotions. As with any habit/thought, good or bad, it took time to develop and to take root
and it will take time to change it. First you must be aware of the negative thought and then with conscious persistence,
replace the negative with a positive. But this can't be done by rote, that is, it can't be done in a mechanical or unthinking
repetitious way. There has to be positively charged emotions married to that thought in order for it change. 

Napoleon also stated that a positive and negative emotion can not occupy the mind at the same time. So if you are having
a moment that isn't very positive, like just moments before when I deleted my entire lesson after it was finished, and your 
thoughts aren't helping the situation any, for example: "I should smash this computer into the wall.", you might want to try
what I did in order to complete my lesson on time. I first changed my thought-"What I wrote before wasn't as good as this-so all is good".

I know it's a lie, but it helps in the moment and it changed my outlook. Now I can jump up and say, "IT'S FINISHED!!!"

Thank you Michael and Linda, Nathan and Connie and the rest of our Mentoring for Free Mastermind Group. It feels pretty good 
to get out my frustrations in a positive and what I'm looking now as a humorous way.

Cheryl Stuhr