Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Louie Alexander Rockwall, Texas, USA

Posted: 2019-01-02

I really like that we can voluntarily plant any idea we desire in our subconscious mind to use its power to achieve what we want in life. Of course, I ubderstand it's not really possible that we can control everything in our subconscious mind, but it is possible to achieve what I want when I believe in it. It's awesome how our subconscious mind works 24/7, even when we are sleeping our subconscious mind does not. My habits, desires, and actions are a large part of my subconscious conditioning. And if I can condition the success and richness I want into my subconscious, I develop creativity, faith, beliefs, and actions that will automatically bring me the results I want. I'm going to start to condition my desire to my subconscious through meditation and visualization. I will quiet my mind through meditation, and then consciously visualize what I want to instill the pictures of my desire into my subconscious mind.