Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Loray Rover Greenbelt , MD, US

Posted: 2018-12-31

Based on the book Think and Grow Rich, Chapter 12: The Subconscious Mind.

Lesson Text 



The emotion of DESIRE The emotion of FAITH The emotion of LOVE The emotion of SEX The emotion of ENTHUSIASM The emotion of ROMANCE The emotion of HOPE


Once you have a plan this will give you the desire to use Self Talk into pursuing your plan, pretty much a craving and persistency.  Soon as you begin to see your Self Talk plan working it gives you more motivation also faith to persist.  Soon the plan you used with your Self Talk everyday known as a craving also persistency you begin loving the the idea even more as you continue to build your empire.  The energy from this plan is like a radio sending station that will pick up a sound of a human voice, at which it scrambles or may modify in such a way as stepping up its vibration millions of times.  This is the only way may the vibration of its sound communicated through the ether.   By the the time the transformation completely form into its position, the ether “picks up” its energy Hill says was already in the form of vibrations of sound, basically had carry all energy to the radio receiving stations, while these receiving sets “step” technically this energy sent back down in its original rate of vibration to the point it was recognized as sound.  Of course this plan quite naturally will produce so much of your enthusiasm that you just want to restart over and over rekindling relationships and hope to see even more greater results in your empire.  Hill says that these are connections that will generally help you by studying a book which help you develop a “money consciousness” only by filling your mind with positive emotions will give one hope to achieve their plan daily by working persistently.  Michael Dilouhy says “When You always focus on all positive emotions You will attract all Positive feelings into Your Life times 100, times 1,000 times 10,000 times flooding feelings every moment.”


“Whatever you focus your mind on, you will consciously and subconsciously work towards.” 

― Sam Owen, 


Consistent positive self-talk is unquestionably one of the greatest gifts to one's subconscious mind.” 

― Edmond Mbiaka


Thank you, Micheal and Linda Dilouhy Mentoring for Free Success in Ten Steps makes a difference being able to have access to a powerful group of masterminds.  Happy New Year! Thank you to all the Masterminds so grateful to be with you on the mastermind calls. Happy New Year!


Loray Rover