Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2018-12-26

Chapter 11- The Mystery of Sex Transmutation


We all have a sex drive.  It is this drive that when stimulated by desire, love, music, friendship between those of the same sex or of the opposite sex, master mind alliance based on harmony of two or more people, and auto-suggestion that will help anyone to succeed in whatever endeavor he is striving for in life. 


When the mind is stimulated by the stimuli mentioned in the above paragraph, the sex drive is transmuted and helps a person to choose the path to success.

It is only when a person is stimulated by any one of the stimuli mentioned above that our sex drive is transmuted to our spiritual faculty.  Desire, love, music friendship are all positive but there are negative stimuli which influence the sex drive as well and we must take precaution.  The negative stimuli are fear, narcotics and alcohol.  If we let these negative stimuli influence us, it will cancel any action we take with the positive stimuli.  


We must believe in the positive stimuli and know we can trust them  above the negative.  This is because any negative stimuli cancels the positive. It is the same as saying a positive and negative thought can’t be in our mind at the same time.


To succeed we must always have positive intentions and use the positive stimuli from our sex drive.  We have to learn and know and trust that success will come when we have desire, love, music, friendship between positive  people, and a master mind of two or more people that are in perfect harmony.  Each one of the master mind will have positive auto-suggestion that they repeat every day. 


When we use the positive stimuli to live by we bring about creative imagination which is the link between our subconscious mind and the infinite intelligence.  The infinite intelligence does not err.  It becomes a win win situation.