Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2018-12-25

The bottom line of this chapter is that you must have some quiet time in your mind for new ideas to appear. Then you must have a notebook to write it down. Then immediately create a plan to accomplish it and jump in the water no matter how cold the water is. The longer you wait to jump the more fearful you become. And remember this: You want to avoid giving off impressions to your prospects where he has in mind that "you don't sound so thrilled." Because if a dog or a horse knows his master lacks courage then so do people. Remember your vibe attracts your tribe. Furthermore courage under fire always beats knowledge on ice. And lastly like Jeff Olson mentioned in the four steps in his book The Slight Edge Plan, Do, Review, Adjust. The fourth one is the most important part Adjust!! Because just like prospects can smell desperation they can also smell incompetency too, just like Big Al mentions in his book How To Follow Up With Prospects. And as he says in icebreakers skills are attractive.  Therefore learn NEW SKILLS for more e-book downloads. The person who has the most friendships wins! There is an old saying you attract your own luck by attracting the people who want what you have. Who are you attracting? Are they they your five key leaders whom you'd want to be on a one month cruise with or are they just tirekickers?

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: You have to have a strong reason for doing it, if what you are doing does not work you will figure out some other way. But if you are wishy washy then you are a goner!