Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Stan Murrah Houston, TX, United States

Posted: 2018-12-18

This chapter was a good summary of the book and a good explanation for the reason behind why it was written.  There are many paragraphs that I like, but here is one that had the most impact to me: "Every man who has accumulated a great fortune, has recognized the existence of this stream of life. It consists of one’s THINKING PROCESS. The positive emotions of thought form the side of the stream which carries one to fortune. The negative emotions form the side which carries one down to poverty. This carries a thought of stupendous importance to the person who is following this book with the object of accumulating a fortune."

The chapter can be summed up with 'the power of two minds is greater than the power of one".  Two minds thinking harmoniously can feed off of each other and is indeed a powerful energy.  It is more than just combining knowledge of two people.  It actually spurns each mind to think beyond what it would think on it's own.  So each mind increases its capacity so that the combined capacity is greater than it was before the collaboration and combining.

One point that I thought was interesting was the idea of hanging out with the smart people.  I try to hang out with people who are smarter than I am, but I know that they can't be too much smarter.  The ones who are too much smarter will not want to hang out with me.  This is expressed in statement about Henry Ford having the naturally large brain capacity and then gaining knowledge from his smart friends.  Smart people want to be around other smart people,  Successful people want to be around others who are successful.  You can choose your friends but only to a certain extent.  

The part about going on the correct power side of the stream flow is really interesting.  I have seen this phenomenon throughout my life.  It's the power of positive thinking and for me, I have the mindset of whatever happens, somehow things will work out.  I am confident in this because that's the way it has always been for me.  Things work out.  This is the mindset that I want my daughter to have as well.  Don't worry too much.  Trust in yourself and trust in the Universe or as Napoleon Hill says, 'Nature'.  It's an inner and outer belief and faith.

- Stan Murrah