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Cheryl Stuhr Houston, TX, United States

Posted: 2018-12-18




Think and Grow Rich

Lesson #10

Power of the Master Mind The Driving Force

The 9th step toward riches


Napoleon stated that Power refers to "Organized effort sufficient to enable an individual to transmute Desire into its monetary equivalent." He continues by saying that "Organized effort is produced through the coordination of effort of 2 or more people who work toward a Definite end in a Spirit of Harmony". Even though Think and Grow Rich focuses on "monetary" enrichment, Napoleon wasn't just referring to monetary wealth, but overall abundance.


What resonated with me about this chapter, was the story of Mahatma Gandhi. He was WAY before our time but it is pretty amazing how, through his Definite of Purpose, his intelligently directed Knowledge and working in a Spirit of Harmony,  he was able to unite over 2 million people. Truly amazing.  


Someone who was during my time, Martin Luther King, was also truly amazing for the short time he was with us. I think that if Napoleon was alive at the same time as Martin Luther King, MLK would have also been recognized in Think and Grow Rich. Both Mahatma Gandhi and MLK, one from the east, who was a Hindu, the other from the west who was a Christian, believed in non violence, civil disobedience, cooperation and unity of all. 


Through their Power they were able to unite people and as their mindset spread to their followers, positive change took place.

I believe both were directed by Divine Intelligence and their Action enabled their followers to grow in number. Their message, their demeanor, their Faith and determination and effort produced change in India, Great Britain, and in the United States.


I wonder what our nation would be like today, if MLK was able to continue with his mission of unification. 


Our Mentoring for Free Mastermind group is also strong and increasing in size with individuals who have the same Desire. To improve ourselves, to grow as individuals, to improve our business and personal skills and to be supportive of everyone else in our group. It is inevitable that our support of people within MFF will spread  to others who are not part of our group. It's all about our mindset and how we relate to anyone we come into contact with.


A question I have: Would you find a red personality in a Master Mind Group?



Thank you Michael and Linda for all your selflessness and support and thank you Nathan for yours. If I hadn't been trolling through social media, we wouldn't have met when we did.


Cheryl Stuhr