Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Louise Douglas Hartford, Ct, U S A

Posted: 2018-12-12

If you find you are weak in Persistence, center your attention upon the instructions in the chapter on "Power", surround your self with a "Mastermind" group and through the co-operative efforts of the members of the group you can develop "Persistence"....Napoleon  Hill

The following was written by Tuula "I found it very motivating not only to make my own goals but to help the people I am working with to make and go over their goals as well.  Are we going to attain those goals by just reading them everyday or by making those goals into a great self-talk?  We did also make a plan so that should help us attain our goals.  All that is very important, but we need to do more than just read our goals, say our self-talk and out line a plan.  Persistence does not sit idle, it does not take time off, it does not procrastinate it keeps moving.  Our actions must be in a "state of occuring and happening" all the time............Tuula Rands

Thanks to Linda, Michael and the Mastermind Team for the weekly calls as they reach out to share and help each of us learn, grow and move forward.

Much Gratitude.

Louise Douglas,

Hartford, Ct.