Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2018-12-09

The meaining of PERSISTENCE in this chapter is being comfortable being uncomfortable! Do you have your goals placed in writing? If NOT then do it! What does it take to get promoted from one pin level in your company to the next pin level in your company? And do you have a PLAN on accomplishing your goals? There are two things that are very crucial in this chapter, being consistently persistent that is doing the daily activities which move your business forward from where it is right now to where you want it to be which is the Slight Edge developing small habits that bring you results. Tom Big Al Schrieter recently mentioned in his newsletters to accomplish the small daily goals. Thats what will lead you to accomplish what you would like to have in life. Also Bob Shoaf mentioned some time ago that everybody is going to hit a brickwall in their businesses. You want to avoid being an Uncle Darby who quits 3 feet from gold. The key is how to work around the brickwall to get where you want to head to. If the Darbys knew how to ask expert advice just like the junkman has then they would be the one with the fortune! Not the junkman. That is why personal development is so important plus the skills as well. Another thing is IMPACT. Richard Dennis mentioned that the Slight Edge is not enough. Impact is key also. Bob Shoaf is doing every Sunday a Facebook live video on how Mentoring For Free can help them in their business and other subjects on network marketing as well. Because thats the thing that gets long term results. Nathan Grimes his business partner is now getting e-book downloads from work that has been done two years ago. It says in the back office about Blogs and Videos, it does take time to set them up but in the long run in produces massive results. A call that Richard Dennnis has done in the past was 30 ways to be unique in MLM. And to become really good at something, like the FB expert. The specialist of something. Because if a person does not have a goal to be a leader in this industry, then they may as well be doing something else.

Lawrence Bergfeld