Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marcel Schmidt Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2018-11-29

Chapter 7 Organized Planning


The Sixth Step toward Riches

 The formation of a DEFINITE, practical plan that I uase to accomplish my goals in my network marketing business 

I learned from my coaching call I had with Michael about three years ago and this is the plan I still use today.

Here is the plan:

#1>100=10=1> For every 100 clients I speak with 10 become customers and 1 becomes a distrributor.

#2> Understanding who my customers are and will be is 68% or 2 thirds are women. I am in a company that sells beauty and wellness perfectly suited for my customer base.

#3>Having products that my customers fall in love with and will reorder month after month(emotional attachment)

#4 Having products that give instant gratification which I do One of my products produces visible results in 90 seconds!!!

#5 In a company which has a coach,a mentor and a proven system that I can access daily through live interactive calls and also by accessing recorded skills calls 24/7

Being in a five pillar company is critical for my success.

Here is what Michael says are the five pillars and I agree.

#1 Company Management

Experience with Integrity

Absolutely, it boils down to that company management experience

#2 Timing in the Company and Timing in the Industry

#3  Remarkable Product

#4 Compenation Plans Compensation plans.

You have got to have a compensation plan that pays the part timer person

#5 Proven duplicatable system

By working these steps I was given as my plan that would gaurentee my successs in my company along with my chosen company which has the five pillars I am experiencing success marketing my products for my company for the first time in my marketing career since finding STS,MFF and TGRL.

Thanks to my Mentors Bob Shoaf, Tulla Rands,and all the like minded people in MFF.

Thanks Linda & Michael Dlouhy for founding and creating this amazing system that works if I work it.

Your Leader in Beautiful Thunderbay,Ontario,Canada

Marcel Schmidt