Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Steve Johnson Orlando, FLORIDA, US

Posted: 2018-11-27

Steve Johnson/Orlando

Chapter 7

Organized Planning, the crystallization of Desire into action

The sixth step towards riches               

 Everything a man creates or aquires begins with our desire. Along with our imagination we transpire those dreams and desires into wealth and success.

  We must start with a set of plans and put them into practice towards our goal. By aligning ourself with a Mastermind group and contributing to that group with the wisdom you have to offer. Be willing to be teachable and take advice and constructive criticism with an open mind. Participate as much as possible and seek guidance when necessary.                         

Mentoring for Free is a group of like-minded individuals that offer positive feedback and advice along the way. Thank you Michael Dlouhy and Bob Shoaf for your guidance along the way. 

 Steve Johnson