Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2018-11-07

Chapter 4-Auto-Suggestion

What is Auto-Suggestion? It is thoughts we are saying to ourselves until we start to believe it. Science says we have many thoughts in our mind 24/7.  In order to become successful we must train our mind to accept only thoughts that will help our business to grow. By accepting only positive and uplifting thoughts we will help our subconscious mind believe what we desire.  

Napoleon Hill says when we communicate our desires to the subconscious mind it is like planting crops of a positive nature in a fertile garden.  With negative thoughts we plant weeds.  Like a garden we can’t let negative thoughts enter because they will choke our the beautiful thoughts,the thoughts that go into planning how we will accomplish what we desire. The negative thoughts will cause  the garden to  disintegrate.  We have to keep in mind in order for a garden to grow weeds have to be pulled and thrown in the garbage.  The ground has to be cultivated to keep it fertile.  Every once in a while plants that have matured and born fruit have to be plowed under because they have served their purpose.  The remains of the plants can be used for fertilizer for new plants to grow. When plans don’t work the way we want them to we have to discard them and start with a new plan.; sometimes using part of the old plan to help make a new plan. 

Just like the garden our subconscious mind needs patience.  It takes time for plants to grow. When we don’t accept the negative thoughts which come through our senses, from the ether or people around us we are weeding, rejecting and concentrating on helping the positive thoughts to grow and become healthy.  We have to learn to reach  out to positive people and become a team to build and accomplish our goals.  We can look to people with experience who can help us, we can read books, and search on the internet or the library.  

We have all the tools mentioned above but the most important one to begin with is to have good self-talk or auto-suggestions to help us find the tools we need.

Ethel Van Zanten

  Tucson, AZ