Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marcel Schmidt Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2018-10-31

Chapter 3 Faith

The Second Step toward Riches

Since faith is the head chemist of the mind and a prayer is a thought that we ask God for,then it follows that I have to take action for that thought or prayer to become realality.

What I mean by this in real terms is that I can wish for ebook downloads but if I don't send out invitations to connections on Facebook, Linkedin, IBO Toolbox or other social networks I most likely wont get any ebook downloads.

As Michael says our goal is to find the next leader by getting ebook downloads and helping those people in their businesses. 

I have a saying I use over and over and it is Faith without Works is dead The works I have been using to build my business is getting ebook downloads and promoting my products on Facebook 

I also am listening to clients and having coaching calls and I have been working with three of them once a week for an hour each 

I can only point my clients to the free recorded skills calls and suggest that they do what the leader has done to build their business and then it is up to them 

Since I believe thoughts arte truly things and I can speak my own reality into existence I say my self talk over and over daily about finding leaders and also about getting physically well again which I am by losing weight and doing physical activities daily and I have lost 16 pounds in 34 days and my goal is to be 155 pounds by July 1 2019 which means losing 4 pounds a month and I know that that is a reasonable goal.

I believe in my soul that as long as I remain a part of MFF and remain coachable and teachable I will be successful in all areas of my life.

Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for creating MFF 

Your Leader In Beautiful Thunderbay Ontario Canada 

Marcel Schmidt