Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Cindy Harris Mandeville , Louisiana , USA

Posted: 2018-10-31





I HAD FAITH, knowing God was preparing me for something big through those GREULING 18-1/2 years in the dry cleaning business.  It was FAITH that kept me there.  Now I see the vision! Oh, I'm SURE there are other scenarios in my future that I'm not ready to face, but I'm much stronger in every way than I was 20 years ago, and I have FAITH that I will be able to handle whatever comes.


Many, many good souls in this part of the Country have seen my work ethics day in & day out through the glass windows of our large dry cleaning business.  I didn't stop all those years, 12-15-hour days.  If I was able to run one errand during the day, I considered that day a success....  (Within a span of 3 years, the grandbabies started came along 9 years ago.  I DID help our daughter through those super busy years of child rearing, all 4 in diapers at one time!  She worked for us, so either she was at work or I was.  We were tied at the hip.  We were ONE.) ... We maintained a good reputation throughout those years as being the VERY BEST CLEANERS, and they knew us to be honest & practicing Christians....  Our customers saw it ALL! They know us.


When it came time to retire from the dry cleaning business and to start up my SITTING business, my customers were eager to use my services for their loved ones.  The Good Lord held off so many possible assignments until I had worked for one certain someone who taught me so much of what I needed to know about myself and about caring for the infirmed.  That "job" just ended.  It lasted 2 months out of my 3-month committment, when I finally saw a PHYSICAL THERAPIST for my shoulder.  He instructed that I immediately STOP some of the things that were making my shoulder worse.  I enjoyed sending a copy of that letter to my client, knowing I'd never have to see her again.  I'm tellin' ya', she's MEAN!!! She ran off 3 nurses at that nursing home in a 2-1/2-month period of time! I continued on with her because of my commitment, but also because I had FAITH that it was the training I needed.  I'm so thankful for that time period.


The floodgates finally OPENED, and I am so blessed to now have excess business to share with my daughter & a few other sweet people who I know & love and who I can trust to take care of my contacts.  I HAVE FAITH, knowing that in the not-too-distant future, I will actually be able to make a thriving business out of it if I so desire, and to benefit monetarily from the overflow.  Right now, I will just allow a few to help me as needed.




Thank you Linda & Michael Dlouhy, and ALL of you for helping me to BECOME! God bless you all!


Cindy Harris

Mandeville Louisiana