Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2018-10-09


This chapter is all about:


Hill says, the Sixth Sense will never work while these three negative emotions are present. This means our positive self-talk will not be effective. We will have so many negative thoughts, they will cancel out the positive ones.

Our subconscious mind will never believe any positive thoughts we have when those negative ones are present. So Creative Imagination never receives them. The only thing Creative Imagination receives are the negative ones.

What creates these negative thoughts?

Napoleon Hill suggests, "THE SIX BASIC FEARS ARE:

The fear of POVERTY The fear of CRITICISM The fear of ILL HEALTH The fear of LOSS OF LOVE OF SOMEONE The fear of OLD AGE The fear of DEATH"

They are all just a state of mind. This state of mind may be changed by being COACHABLE and learning the 13 Principles here in Think and Grow Rich Lessons. That means one must post lessons, be on at least one of the two calls and speak up, participate on the calls.

These lessons can teach a person how to attract anything and anyone they DESIRE into their lives.

As Michael so often says, "How You do anything, is how You do everything."

I am grateful that Linda and Michael Dlouhy for having learned the 13 Principle of the Think and Grow Rich and created all training calls here in Mentoring For Free as a harmonious Mastermind group per Napoleon Hill's recommendation. They were COACHABLE. Thank You, thank You, thank You Linda and Michael Dlouhy.

I'm also grateful to each member who participates in our harmonious Mastermind groups. We help each other grow in personal growth to build more harmonious relationships.  Thank You, thank You, thank You to each participant. I appreciate each of You.

Bob Shoaf
Sunny Alamogordo, NM

PS: I am also grateful to each person who has downloaded Success In 10 steps and chosen to communicate periodically with me. We are helping each other improve our skills. Thank You, thank You, thank You to each one of You. I appreciate each of You very much.

PPS: A person can be very successful here in Mentoring For Free, if they are COACHABLE.
My definition of COACHABLE:
Being COACHABLE is agreeing to follow the guidance of another, without questioning it, without needing to first understand why, without needing to analyze it, and without trying to adapt it. It is putting full faith in the person teaching You to show You a new way of doing something, and being open to learning it exactly that way.

When a person begins learning the skills taught here, they will begin understanding and adapting our training to their way of thinking.

I don't care how much You Always Mess Up.
I don't care how often You Always Stumble.
I don't care What Other People Think.
Just Take My Hand.
Life is a Journey I Chose To Travel With You.
Your Mentor.