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Posted: 2018-10-08

Chapter 15.. How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear.


 Like most things you want to change in yourself, your mind must be prepared to receive it. It is not difficult, just some study, analysis, and understanding. Anyone can do this.

The 3 enemies are Indecision, doubt and fear.

Hill says where one is found, the other Two are close at hand. You will need constant vigilance to keep these at bay.

You need to be honest with yourself as you do your self -searching. There are 6 basic fears, Fear of Poverty, criticism, Ill health, Loss of a loved one, fear of old age and the fear of death.

As Hill states, fears are nothing more than the states of the mind.

When I was going through a particular tough time a few years ago, a friend gave me a decorative plate with this inscribed on it.

“Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life” When I got up in the morning, the 1st thing I did was touch the plate and read this saying, it brought a lot of comfort to me in those times.

The fear of poverty is without doubt the most destructive of the six basic fears as stated by Hill.

This is an awesome chapter for our growth, it really needs to be studied and read over and over to really understand the content Hill has written here.

Don & Bonnie

Beverly Hills, Fl.