Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA

Posted: 2018-10-08

Chapter  15

The Six Ghost Of Fear,

From The Book

Think And Grow Rich!


Hill tells us, about the 6 main fears, fear of poverty,

The fear of criticism, the fear of ill health,

The fear of loss of love of someone, the fear of old age,

The fear of death.


Hill also tells us, Fears are  nothing more than state of mind.

One’s state of mind is subject to control and direction.

I use to think I could stay between Poverty and riches,

Middle class right!  I have sense learned through this

Master mind and my Sixth Sense you can’t become

The person you were meant to be by just drifting along in

Life. A few years back the I can’t use to fill my brain,

The WHAT IF’S started showing up into my mind, the WHAT

IF’S have over come the Ghost that have been holding me

Back, I still have to fight with the ghost now and then, I know

I have the tools to Outwit The Ghosts, The Stop It Video,

Will sometime pop up in my mind, we are not going there!

We have the technology, the tools here at Mentoring For Free,

Think And Grow Rich Lessons, to help you be come the best

You, you can be. You have to take action, this is not a

push button program.

Thanks to Michael and Linda Dlouhy, and Ken Klemm,

for this system, and letting me know I did not have to

come out of my comfort zone all at once.

                       Marty Roe