Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2018-10-03

The Angel and the Devil

Everyone has seen a cartoon, or even a live action 
comedy, when a character faced with a difficult 
decision has an angel appear on one shoulder and a 
devil appear on the other - each giving their advice. 
Both are projections of the character’s subconscious 
and demonstrate, in a cute way, how the subconscious 
may draw upon influences from within and outside the 

The devil represents the expedient, instant 
gratification, ends-justify-the-means solution; while 
the angel considers the long-term ramifications and the 
moral principles of the individual.

In the real world we see evidence all the time of folks 
heeding the devil’s advice...

When the CEO of a large corporation takes an action 
that will benefit the current quarter’s bottom line, 
fully aware that the long term result may be the 
destruction of the company.

When a legislator casts a vote to attract large 
campaign contributions, while knowing it goes against 
the interests of their constituents and the future 
health of the nation as a whole.

Why would any individual listen to the devil? Isn’t it 
a form of eventual suicide?

Well, unless they are one of the founders, most CEO’s 
don’t remain very long with any one company today - so 
loyalty is no issue for them.

Most legislators aren’t concerned with doing what’s 
right - they are mainly concerned with winning the next 

In 1951 the Congress of the United States amended the 
Constitution to prevent a President from serving more 
than two elected terms. The States ratified it on 
February 27. A majority from both parties viewed the 
final term of Franklin Roosevelt as evidence no one 
person should hold that much power for too long.

In the 1990's legislators began talking about term 
limits for Congress to reduce the influence of special 
interests, reduce corruption and campaign finance 
concerns, and ensure better representation for the 

But, as George Mason famously pointed out, tyrants will 
never vote for something limiting their own tyranny. 
Indeed, some who promised to self-limit their terms 
later reneged on that promise once in office.

That is why the Framers gave a Convention of States the 
power to amend the Constitution.

The great power, and responsibility, we, as citizens, 
have is to VOTE.

When we do so, do we listen to the party-line devil 
sitting on one shoulder, or the angel of reason and 
conscience on the other?

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm - Florida, USA

P.S. “Give power to the many and they will oppress the 
few. Give power to the few and they will oppress the 
many.” ~ Alexander Hamilton, arguing for a Balance of