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Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2018-10-03

Chapter 14 The Sixth Sense


The Thirteenth Step toward Riches

Quote: One of our greatest gifts is our intuition. It is a sixth sense we all have - we just need to learn to tap into and trust it. Donna Karan

We are now coming to the end of the 15 Chapters which have set out the Principles by which we change what started as a dream, idea or hunch into reality if we apply them. We have already learned that each principle must be applied according to what has been set down, you cannot jump or circumnavigate a principle and achieve the Dream or Idea.

If through reading the previous chapters and having a full understanding of the Principles they contain you will now be prepared to accept the thirteenth Principle of the “Sixth Sense”.

Hill States that “The SIXTH SENSE is that portion of the subconscious mind which has been referred to as the Creative Imagination. It has also been referred to as the “receiving set” through which ideas, plans, and thoughts flash into the mind.

The “flashes” are sometimes called “hunches” or “inspirations.” It is the apex of the whole philosophy. It can be assimilated, understood, and applied ONLY by first mastering the other twelve principles.

The quote above by Donna Karan reinforces this and as Hill states, it uses comes only by meditation through mind development from within, it is a mixture of both the mental and the spiritual.

Hill also states and I quote, “After you have mastered the principles described in this book, you will be prepared to accept as truth a statement which may, otherwise, be incredible to you, namely:

Through the aid of the sixth sense, you will be warned of impending dangers in time to avoid them, and notified of opportunities in time to embrace them.

There comes to your aid, and to do your bidding, with the development of the sixth sense, a “guardian angel” who will open to you at all times the door to the Temple of Wisdom.

I have had experience of the sixth sense warning of impending danger and with the warning actually taking over control of the vehicle to avoid the danger. This occurring in milliseconds rather than seconds if the conscious mind was to avoid the danger.

Another example was when I was rung by a friend warning me not to ring a person since he had passed away and it would only bring further grief to the relatives.

Hill’s reference to his Invisible Counsellors and his nightly contact with them in order to change his own character has always fascinated me. I need to look at this further for I am sure there are attributes in people that I admire that I would like to attach to my character.

Thank you, Thank you, thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for teaching me that I have a mind that can think for itself and should do so. My gratitude to all who contribute to this forum each week so that we all gain in knowledge and self-worth.

Mervyn Drury

Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.