Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Steve Johnson Orlando, FLORIDA, US

Posted: 2018-10-02

Chapter 14, The Sixth Sense:

  The Sixth Sense is a part of the brain where our creative imagination lives. This is where ideas, plans, thoughts, and hunches dwell. We gain this over time through our exsperiance in life.

 Once we gain the Sixth Sense, we in a way, we create a contact or direct link to the universal mind. This Sixth Sense helps us to avoid pending danger and seek oppertunity as it arrises. If we learn how to use this properly, we can use it to understand self, understand others, understand the law of recognition, and most of all...happiness.

 The Sixth Sense will give the power to overcome fear, procrastination, anguish, and eventually free up the immagination that will take dreams and desires to blossom into reality.