Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2018-09-26

Chapter 13: The Brain

The brain is the most valuable part of our bodies I think. If it isn't all working right you won't work right. Of course, there are people who don't have their brains connected right and they have tougher times in the world. But if you notice they are happy. They haven't got a care in the world and don't care what you think about them. 

There is no one that uses 100% of their brains. Could you imagine what would happen if we could? There is a movie called "LUCY" that shows what scientists believe would happen. It is amazing but also scary. 

My son uses a different part of his brain that we don't. This gives him savant abilities and recently we have been testing him and studying more about his abilities. 

He speaks to us through a device and from what it seems like he sees things differently than us. He writes on his device with pictures that turn into words on the device and it speaks. If he wants to go somewhere he will say Byes Byes tomorrow Thursday September 27 2018 Mommy Daddy sit down car key house 825. So that is how he lets us know he wants to go somewhere in the car. It is interesting and amazing to learn how autism works in the brain. 

My brain is always working and talking and never shuts up. It has ideas and thoughts all the time with the occasional slip up of the negative thoughts that sneak in there and tell me that the ideas and thoughts I am thinking are useless. But with mentoring for free as the pilot of my brain I am learning how to combat those thoughts. I am learning to be more focused and less negative and I do find myself telling others to stop using that negative stuff around me. 

 One day while talking to my mentor and telling him the pain I was feeling he asked me to stop because he was not going to allow me to bring him down. I know how important that is. I now find myself asking others to do the same. I always was telling my husband to stop and training his brain to be positive and now I am doing it everywhere. 

This morning I showed someone mentoring for free. It is an offline person that is teaching himself the law of attraction and trying to retrain his brain and I told him mentoring for free would help make anything he desired happen for him. He told me to send him my website. Looking forward to helping him. 

Thank you, Bob Shoaf, for showing me the way. I am unstoppable and my brain has so much to offer the world. Just learning to focus better and I am. 

Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, New Jersey