Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Harry Wilbur Winlock , Washington , USA

Posted: 2018-09-21

Broadcasting and receiving of the Brain

  Talking about my friend Rick today and that I like a lot and was working for part-time and and one person said that why do you even put up with what he does and I said well he doesn't really know me yet and I really do like him and I would like to work for him so I'm going to giving him a chance to get to know me more. So that's a broadcasting part.

So Rick calls me today when I'm at the restaurant working and says you did a great job today on the post that we put up today. For the  pole building and ask me if I wanted to pray with him about more work for him and doing God's work at the church and his ministry cuz he has a men Ministry at my church and it goes a long the lines to what my goals are and that is the receiving part.

It's so awesome how the spirit inside you brings everything to you the infinite intelligence how everything just comes in line with your goals in your dreams and how God works. You're  subconscious mind really does make your reality, real it is so awesome when you start seeing it unfold right in front of your eyes and how it gives you that wow when it happens. Thank you Bob shoaf for being a mentor to me and thank you Michael deloney for making this mentoring for free I appreciate it very much I thank you and I thank you and I thank you and I am grateful for every thing in my life and I'm grateful for the spirit of the Lord

And thank you master mind group you are all awesome people and may the Lord bless you and keep you safe. Thank thank you  I appreciate everyone very much.