Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Louise Douglas Hartford, Ct, U S A

Posted: 2018-09-12

Mr Hill describes the emotion of "sex" as an "irresistible force" against which there can be no such opposition as an "immovable body".  When driven by this emotion men become gifted with a super power of action.  Understand this truth and you will catch the significance of the statement that transmutation will lift one to the status of "genius"

The human mind responds to stimuli, through which it may be "keyed up" to high rates of vibration.  One of the stimuli of the mind is a burning desire for fame, power, or financial gain, "money".

Much gratitude to Linda and Michael for creating , implementing and sharing a duplicatable system .  I am also grateful and appreciate each member of the team for giving, teaching and sharing on each weekly call.

Louise Douglas,

Hartford, CT