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Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2018-09-12

For many years emotions have run my own life, when joined mentoring for free I had no idea that all those emotions that had learned and knew from growing up were destructive emotions. All I knew was those emotions, there was little knowledge of the happy emotions like love, romance, sex. My grandparents were a example of love they would do anything for You. They were the kindest couple could ask to know.

For so many years I have directed the emotional energy, love, romance etc in the wrong way. That those emotions destroyed my own life. Wanting friends and being desperate to have a friend just pushed that away. Wanting that love and being desperate for the love pushed it away personally, aswell as feeling sex was feeling loved that is all that came was the sex.

I was an emotional wreck for many years, at times now it means having to change a conversation owing to crying too much whist I am driving and feeling its unsafe. One of the strongest emotions personally is that of love, caring deeply even though it’s often hurt owing to parties showing other emotions towards myself personally. Rather then that love which shared.

It’s still a journey learning to channel that emotional energy into my own life. Using the emotional energy for my amazing wife Jenny. I have shared posts in the past around Jenny and hear comments saying I would love that from my partner. That was using my emotional energy for those posts. Each of us can do the same.

Thank you so much to my amazing wonderful colleagues and friends from mentoring for free who have helped me to become a stronger, more loving, caring husband, father and friend. A huge thank you to my amazing mentor Ken Klemm for your continued guidance love and support . thank you aswell to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for being a guide to a beta life.

Your friend for life,
Big hugs
Ben Drake
West Ryde nsw Australia