Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Johnny Ray Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines

Posted: 2018-09-12

This might be the hardest chapter I have ever read.  I’ve been wondering if it is a direct challenge to like some inner “limiting belief” but I really pushed myself to make it through the chapter.


I started earlier this year recording myself as I read, it keeps me active and involved in reading, and this year I have read more books than any previous year, and we are now in September, so more than three months left on the year. Never have I struggled so much in reading a single chapter this year, and I beg to think that it has last been since I was in elementary that I struggled so much in reading. It’s really very fascinating to think about.


I personally credit the subject matter. I’ve been labeled “a lady’s man” and “a player” throughout my life. I’ve studied the concept of PUA (that’s the art of being a Pick Up Artist), and women tend to flock to me and not the other way around. So the idea of “Sex Transmutation” is fascinating, but it challenges my core beliefs (in regard that I have held this answer this ENTIRE time).


So I did some reflecting in the midst of reading this (it actually took me several days to get through this chapter), and looked back at the sales jobs and my “swagger” at each of them. Come to find out, the jobs that I was one of the top salesmen, my swagger was insane. One job, the manager was this hot blonde that always dressed in attractive attire, and I was the top salesman or one of the top every month nationwide. Another position, I was surrounded by women and I did extremely well.


Counter that at the jobs I held where there was no or little women involved, I did poorly. And I always blamed the lack of success on a lack of training. And compare that to the jobs I was successful, honestly, there wasn’t much training there.  


I did check YouTube and found a lot of videos, TedTalks included about Sex Transmutation, and watched a couple of them. One video talked about how to transition that energy, which put it in ways I basically understood. It stated to get yourself in basically an aroused state of mind and then turn and use that energy toward your business. I don’t think that I could put it any easier. But that’s summing up a 17 minute video in a simple sentence.


Consistent success starts with knowledge, and knowledge without action is useless. I’m insanely grateful for this knowledge and you can bet that it’s getting application into my life. Hurricane is hitting here tomorrow, so be dropping me and the Philippines a prayer would be super cool.


Johnny Ray (in the Philippines)