Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Harry Wilbur Winlock , Washington , USA

Posted: 2018-09-10

Think grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Sex transmuted chapter 11 towards riches

What sex transmitted means to me. In the book it says everybody is afraid and uses sex unwisely but used in the rightay it can bring all your hopes your dreams your desires to reality. Sex is one of the strongest emotions that human beings have it drives you to do whatever you want to do used in the right proper way it can also destroy your hopes and your dreams. Can you take all that energy and you place it in the right direction of your desire and your path of what you want out of your life and if it is the will of God the spirit that lives inside you will guide you and give you your heart's desire if you combined it with the other chapters in this book you will be undone reverently in your desires of your heart and you will achieve your goals what you have set out for yourself the strongest Energies that human beings have. And I don't mean the physical but in the spiritual Realm of the infinite intelligence coordinated with a mastermind group you will succeed in acquiring riches and desires if put to action. The one of my favorite sayings in this book is now. Dont stop, Three feet from the gold because you dont know how close you are to getting your derams you could be closers than you think so never give up and on your dream put all your heart,soul ,spirit just have to ask and be thankful for ever thing. Thank you thank you thank you Bob Shoaf and Michael deloney. And thank you and thank you and thank you for everybody in the Mastermind group and Think and Grow Rich lessons this is awesome life-changing and I appreciate each and everyone of you thank you thank you thank you