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Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2018-09-09

Chapter 11: THE MYSTERY OF

“Listen to your inner voice and focus on your purpose.”

People are influenced in their actions, not by reason
so much as by “feelings.” The creative faculty of the
mind is set into action entirely by emotions, and not
by cold reason.

We are born with an innate energy or a set of emotions,
given to us by Infinite Intelligent, God. They are the
emotions of desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm.
Romance, hope, and prosperity. The how-to-handbook has given
us nature itself, for nature, teaches us if we fail to
learn to control this energy, it will control us. This is
lesson Napoleon Hill is passing on to us in this chapter
on sex transmutation.

The emotion of sex is the strongest emotion due to the
fact has both a physical and a creative energy (spiritual).
As Hill says, “The desire for sexual expression is by far the
strongest and most impelling of all the human emotions, and
for this very reason this desire, when harnessed and transmuted
into action, other than that of physical expression, may raise
one to the status of a genius.

How can we harness this energy or emotion? It begins with a
choice, to be in control of it or allow it to control us. We
all have the desire, but we have to put in the controls such
as love and romance. “Transmutation of sex energy calls for
more willpower than the average person cares to use for this
purpose. Those who find it difficult to summon will-power
enough for transmutation may gradually acquire this ability.
Though this requires will-power, the reward for the practice
is more than worth the effort.” Napoleon Hill

A definition of a genius is, “a man who has discovered how to
increase the vibrations of thought to the point where he can
freely communicate with sources of knowledge not available
through the ordinary rate of vibration of thought.”

We come here as thinking persons, wanting to be a genius, so
let ask ourselves some questions concerning how to define genius

    Question No. 1 “How may one communicate with sources of
knowledge which is not available through the ordinary rate
of  vibration of thought?”

    Question No. 2 “Are there known sources of knowledge which
are available only to genii?”

    Question No. 3 “What are these sources, and exactly how
may they be reached?”

We are called to a transmutation of those physical emotions with
all the feelings, drive and energy into a force in all we do.

Man attains to the status of a genius only when, and if, he
stimulates his mind so that it draws upon the forces available,
through the creative faculty of the imagination. Chief among
the stimuli with which this “stepping up” of the vibrations may
be produced is sex energy. The mere possession of this energy
is not enough to produce a genius. The energy must be transmuted
from a desire for physical contact, into some other form of desire
and action, before it will lift one to the status of a genius.

My thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy in the transmuting of your energy as a driving force behind Mentoring of Free. To all who
participate in the calls for the energy you bring to this mastermind.

Nathan Grimes
Lubbock, TX USA