Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2018-09-03

You ever had a situation or problem in your life that you have tried to work out on your own and you just keep hitting a brick wall with no apparent answer? Then you tell one or two of your friends and all of a sudden ideas just start popping. And you hear yourself saying, oh yeah I never thought of that? That is a simple mastermind. Your friends are trying to help you solve that problem in the spirit of harmony and that creates the psychic phase of the mastermind that is likened to a third mind.


Ever notice that when we start out one of our calls that we began with a thought and it might be slow at first? Michael will say, thoughts, comments, provoking us to think? It might be a little quiet without a little stimulation but then all of a sudden someone will make a point. That will inspire a thought into someone else and they will add to that point. 


All of a sudden things are popping and hopping and you have to wait your turn and sometimes it takes a while to state your point. Pretty soon you hear Michael say well it's the top of the hour, where did the the time go? That is where we find our power in the mastermind.


No matter how many times I go through this chapter the word picture of the batteries all hooked together always stick in my mind after being a truck driver for so long and seeing what all those connected batteries can do, the power they can deliver all hooked together when just  one battery can only make that big diesel engine only grunt!


There are many brilliant minds in this mastermind but I have to say there is one that excels and that is Michael Dlouhy and I am so glad that I have my strap attached to his battery. Some people just do not know how fortunate and blessed they are to be connected to that kind of power. Think you're going to hook your battery strap  to Eric Worre or some of these other big gurus for free? 


Better think again! Reading one of these gurus books for buying one of their programs is definitely not the same as hooking a strap of their mind and communicating with them weekly. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Linda and Michael Dlouhy for attaching your battery straps to this mastermind and the change lives because of it. Thank you to all my mastermind partners and friends for inspiring me with your lessons and input every week!


Rick Burnett

Spanish Fort, Al.