Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Eric Braun Ohio City, Ohio , United States

Posted: 2018-09-01

"POWER may be defined as “organized and intelligently directed KNOWLEDGE.” Power, as the term is here used, refers to ORGANIZED effort, sufficient to enable an individual to transmute DESIRE into its monetary equivalent. ORGANIZED effort is produced through the coordination of effort of two or more people, who work toward a DEFINITE end, in a spirit of harmony.
Let us ascertain how power may be acquired. If power is “organized knowledge,” let us examine the sources of knowledge:
a. INFINITE INTELLIGENCE. This source of knowledge may be contacted through the procedure described in another chapter, with the aid of Creative Imagination.
b. ACCUMULATED EXPERIENCE. The accumulated experience of man, (or that portion of it which has been organized and recorded), may be found in any well-equipped public library. An important part of this accumulated experience is taught in public schools and colleges, where it has been classified and organized.
c. EXPERIMENT AND RESEARCH. In the field of science, and in practically every other walk of life, men are gathering, classifying, and organizing new facts daily. This is the source to which one must turn when knowledge is not available through “accumulated experience.” Here, too, the Creative Imagination must often be used.
Knowledge may be acquired from any of the foregoing sources. It may be converted into POWER by organizing it into definite PLANS and by expressing those plans in terms of ACTION. Examination of the three major sources of knowledge will readily disclose the difficulty an individual would have, if he depended upon his efforts alone, in assembling knowledge and expressing it through definite plans in terms of ACTION. If his plans are comprehensive, and if they contemplate large proportions, he must, generally, induce others to cooperate with him, before he can inject into them the necessary element of POWER."

                                                                                                                                                                                   -Napoleon Hill

To attain POWER one must direct KNOWLEDGE in an organized effort of networking, sufficiently to turn DESIRE into it's equvalant. This organized effort is attained by cordinating two or more people achieving a DEFINITE end in a spirit of harmony through teamwork, eventually attaining POWER to accumulate money and using that power for the retention of money after it has been accumulated.

a. INFINITE INTELLIGENCE: I am a Spiritual Christian, who through prayer through Jesus Christ, am able to tap into God's wisdom by accumulating knowledge through reading and asking for guidence to achieve my Creative Imagination.

b. ACCUMULATED EXPERIENCE: I am educated, but not graduated. I've been to two technical schools and two colleges. I may not have mastered everything that I learned, but I take what I've learned and divert it into everything I'm learning today. I've also learned from my mistakes.

EXPERIMENT AND RESEARCH: I used my creative imagination to research every aspect of my business goal. Then eventually I will use experimentation to achieve that business goal.

I've, also, made plans of action by learning from Michael Dlouhy and will attain my goal through his expertise. Thank you Michael Dlouhy for everything you have taught us!

Eric Braun

Ohio City, Ohio, USA