Think & Grow Rich Lessons
James Lombard Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Posted: 2016-03-02

Ctrl/Cmd+V                                                                             Thoughts are Things



Our thoughts matter; they are of crucial importance to us. Attitude is everything. If you think that some undertaking is “impossible”, it is impossible for you. But thoughts have to be realized, given substance, by the application of certain principles. They are just potential power waiting to be activated.


R.U. Darby, learning from experience, saw the value of persistence, when his uncle gave up mining within three feet from gold. He also learned to seek help for problems he could not solve, when he discovered that the junk man called on the assistance of the mining engineer to find where the gold seam was continued. Likewise, it is advisable for network marketers to contribute to and seek the advice of a mastermind group. From the coloured child who “whipped” his uncle, he learned that a “no” is not necessarily a “no never”. The same principle applies in network marketing. Keep in touch with your contacts and help them, having no agenda. No good deed ever goes unrewarded; sooner or later it returns to the giver. Establishing good relationships is like mining for gold. Hill says: “… more gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has ever been taken from the earth.” Old resolutions change and when people change their minds, guess who they turn to for advice and guidance !


However, Darby didn’t just learn from his experiences: he applied what he learned. The power which the coloured child exhibited, through definiteness of purpose, Darby showed as an insurance salesman, when he refused to accept a “no”. He states: “ Every time a prospect tried to bow me out without buying, I saw the child standing there in the old mill, her big eyes glaring in defiance, and I said to myself: ‘ I’ve gotta make this sale’”. So, principles like the ones Hill teaches in this book, such as, the importance of a definite purpose, of self-talk or autosuggestion to keep the definite purpose or desire alive, of participating in a mastermind and many other principles, have to be applied to manifest the actual power of thought.


To apply that power to maximum effect, it is essential that one reads the chapter and completes the checklist “Think Before You Answer” on irrational fears, inherited or acquired, in the last chapter of the book, “The Six Ghosts of Fear”.  When you discover your fears, you will be able to overcome them by devising a suitable self-talk; otherwise, they will dog you every step of your journey to success. You must first know your basic weaknesses before you can make a pathway to success. As a philosopher once said: “Man know thyself”.

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