Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2018-08-29

Its time to remember that Persistence has always won out and helped to achieve those goals its been learned over many years where have just kept on going.

For many years before meeting Jenny my wife I had been searching for that relationship online and friendship expecting that the relationship itself would make life so much better. That being loved by someone would make everything so much better.

Boy was I so wrong, for many years I was running from the pain.  

I am needing to remember that Persistence has been learned through my own life, for many years it was about just keeping on going and its won out many times. For many years it was keeping on going until achieved that goal or dream that really wanted to achieve. My own persistence has kept me going towards the end of goals like better health, a family of my own.

Thank you so much to my amazing wonderful friends and family from mentoring for free, a special thank you to my amazing mentors and friends Ken Klemm, Linda and Michael Dlouhy for Your own continued support, understanding, caring and acceptance. A huge thank you to my amazing wife Jenny.

Your friend for life, big hugs,
Ben Drake
West Ryde nsw Australia