Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2018-08-28

What I learned from this Chapter on Persistence is the following. You can not build this business without a mastermind group and neither can your own team do so. Therefore all of the people on the team must have the desire and to take action necessary plus get better at the game just like Michael Clouse describes in the last chapter of The Fifth Principle and Richard Dennis said that too. Richard Dennis also said on one of his trainings on IMPACT the Slight Edge is not enough, you must have impact on people. You want to have the people who are listening to you at your companys convention one day and have questions for you, rather than going for break. Because that is what really means being the person whom others want to be in business with. You must master task by task and do whatever is necessary to achieve victory. I have listened to a Show Me The Money Call from my company and there were 3 young Ladies who hit the Triple Diamond Rank. One of them has lost it and was only a RUBY. But when she got to conference then she bounced back! And hit Triple Diamond. She mentioned on the call that you can NOT want it more for someone else then they do. They have to be willing to put in the work. Another thing is this: What I learned in the Chapter 9 Persistence is that many of the people who had success was as follows: Kate Smith, Fannie Hurst rejection slips. Consider this too. Thousands of other singers who sung much better than Kate Smith gave up. Proves a point that talent alone gets you so far, sticking the game during the tough times is key. Eddie Cantor past 60 years old injured his neck and most people would QUIT at that point! He bounced back. What is your plan for bouncing back during the tough times? Because as Bob Shoaf mentioned we all will hit brickwalls. How will we work around it?


Lawrence Bergfeld