Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2018-08-22

 As I have developed the ability to make decisions, I have passed through some of the stages Hill mentions.  The first one being influenced by the opinions of others.  I remember way back to junior high (as it was then called) wanting to look similar to the other girls and to be accepted and fun, until one day walking home with friends, I made a catty remark about another person and everybody laughed, but I felt sorry that I had made that comment.  I don’t even remember what I said or who I spoke about, I just know that awful feeling I had and vowed not to ever do that again. 

In another stage, that of working with a Master Mind group, I was then grown and pregnant with my 5th child and was the president of an acting school for children.  The members of the committee working with me wanted a legal set of by-laws for the group and we planned to meet during a 3 day camping and planning session to prepare it

I felt it was my responsibility to have something prepared from which to start, so wrote some ideas down to present.  We could work from there. 

When we met, and I passed out the starting point papers, it became clear that some of the things I felt were “givens” were not what this group wanted.  Fortunately, I did not react, but pondered how much time I could have saved myself if we had just started from scratch and put it together as a group.  It turned out well.  We came up with the things we all thought were the most important and I have never “assumed” the opinion of others since.  Working together was a delight and we did all want what was best for our children.

Finally, having grown through these and many other experiences, I am not swayed by others and I still value the Master Mind group and am working on the most important thing Hill says…to make decisions more quickly.

Kay Young

Superior, Colorado