Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Cindy Harris Mandeville , Louisiana , USA

Posted: 2018-08-22



THE LIGHTBULB WENT OFF! ... It's now 3:00 am, but I can't sleep.  It came to me this morning as I was TRYING to sleep that I should write my Letter of Resignation today, to be effective two weeks from today, so I got up and wrote it up.  To say that I am relieved is an understatement! For those of you who know my dry cleaning business story, you will understand that I WILL SOON BE FREE AT LAST!!! Bob Shoaf is probably crying for j.o.y.!!!


I have been speaking for most of the summer that I would come into $10,000 by November 1 in the capacity of Sitter (sitting with elderly and/or infirmed), not EVEN knowing how THAT could happen, assuming someone would pass & leave a great sum, because I had no time to embark on that business.  Over the long, hot summer slaving as Dry Cleaner & Manager at a salary I knew my boss could pay, and one that I was happy with for now, hard times have arrived at Premier Cleaners.  Last week, my boss informed us all that he couldn't make payroll.  He then demoted me to an hourly pay, and one that I cannot accept.  I have been mulling it over in my mind, trying to justify helping him out, all the while drowning in my own misgiving.  After four months, I'M DONE! Not my circus. Not my monkeys! I'm going to let go & let God! ... Come what may, I am giving my notice today, KNOWING that my boss will NOT default in his monthly payments to us (THANK YOU, BOB SHOAF, FOR YOUR SOUND ADVICE TO ME ... ALWAYS!).  


Last week, the day of my boss' announcement, he shortened my day, giving me the much-needed time to make up my beautiful business cards for a business I had just before the dry cleaning business.  I absolutely LOVED sitting with the elderly, spending the night with ladies, being there to assist them if they needed to get up to use the restroom, get them a drink, whatever.  My passion is helping people, making their lives a whole lot brighter.  My business cards are due to arrive today, and I will, at my next earliest convenience, distribute them to my chosen areas around town and to everyone I meet who may need my assistance.


The day I ordered the business cards and posted a picture of them on Facebook, I received great response on and off Facebook.  I am well-known & respected around this very affluent community as a very loving, caring, honest Woman of God.  My first job was for that same night.  I had another obligation and couldn't take it, so I passed it along to my daughter, Danielle, who will be working in that capacity alongside me.  The sad part of that story is that the lady she sat with had only 12-24 hours to live.  The woman was living with her grandaughter, who had to be gone for much of that afternoon & evening, and needed someone to just keep watch to see if she was still breathing and to give her a pill at the designated time.  Sadly, she expired on Danielle's watch, and her grandaughter will surely have a hard time, condemning herself for not being at her side.  Sad! I'm praying The Good Lord eases her pain....  My second job came almost as quickly.  I sat with a sweet lady in a nursing home and enjoyed my time serving her.  I saw firsthand, during that one night alone, the ill treatment of the residents there, and how much my services are truly needed.  So sad!


Now I will have time to get my ducks in a row and begin my MLM business, which I have put off for almost a year.  Nothing's gonna' to stop me now! Hmmm....  Reminds me of a song.


Napolian Hill says that the world has the habit of making room for the man whose words & actions show that he knows where he is going.  He also says to make decisions on your own, and that self determination = freedom.  I AM ALREADY FREE!


This past year has been one that would have looked a whole lot different, and my future would not have been as bright, without ALL of you, my Awesome Mastermind Group! Thank you Linda & Michael D'Louhy, Bob Shoaf, Colleen Toye, and EVERYONE ELSE for being there for ME! 


Cindy Harris

Mandeville Louisiana