Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Leo Dubois Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2018-08-22



To make a decision or to not make a decision, that is the question. Well, Napoleon Hill has examined this one and he has the answer. Procrastination is the arch enemy and sits at the top of the list of 31 major causes of failure. Procrastination is the opposite of decision making. Procrastination prevents you from making a decision. Hill interviewed thousands of people to gather the information to write the book THINK AND GROW RICH. Of the hundreds of people who accumulated fortunes, all  had the practice of making decisions without hesitation and were reluctant to change these decisions. The corollary to this is people who fell short of earning large amounts of money had the habit of "reaching decisions, if at all, very slowly and changing decisions quickly and often." Further more the slow decision makers were given to consulting people who knew nothing about what they were doing or investing in. Hill says," opinions are the cheapest commodity on earth," and, "those who talk too much do little else."Very good advice since MFF advises us to listen more and talk less.