Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Don Schaefer Beverly Hills, FL 34465-8804, United States

Posted: 2018-08-21


I made the decision to go all in when I made up my whys. There was no hesitation. I was so desperate for the answers...

I have been a little laxed in my participation here mainly because of a family health crisis but things have calmed down a family is coming to grips with the situation, as I am.

I made a decision to get into the MFF with both feet. Once again I’m all in...I post this here so anyone of you in this amazing group can call me on my bull if you see me slipping...


The small amount of effort I have put into this program as moved me forward so dramatically it almost scared me (in a good way)...The self talk, meditation and of course the action..

I read Bob’ Shoaf’s brilliant lesson and I felt he was talking right to me...Thanks Bob, I think I really needed to hear that..

Yep. Made a couple of decisions. Use the tools that Michael and Linda has put together for us so unselfishly. You say you want success. Here it is...Make a decision

Don & Bonnie

Beverly Hills, Fl