Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2018-08-19

Are your organized plans written down on a piece of paper or are they typed up? Its a BIG difference!
Because subconsciously which means the decision making part of the brain will determine whether you
choose to be all in or not. Ken Klemn mentioned on a conference call years ago that if you write something
down it sticks in your memory much more than if you type it!!

Also remember this as well. You can do anything but you can't do everything! Back to Chapter 2 that is your
WHY in Success In Ten Steps. It asks many quesitons there to help you find your WHY. Is it going to keep
you in the game during the tough times or are you gonna be stuck at the brickwall and just throw in the towel?

Bob Shoaf mentions that everybody is going to hit a brickwall at some point. Are you going to work yourself
around it? Last but not least and most importantly are SKILLS. I recall when Bob and Anna Bassett mentioned
that back in the 70's Tom Big Al Schrieter failed for his first year and ten months in the business. He has gone
back then through 1500 nos. And Ken Klemn mentioned that he atteneded a 3 day seminar of Dale Carnegie
and that turned around everything for him. 60 days later full time income. His organization a year and a half
later was 150,000 people.

What is crazy is that people in the network marketing industry are still making a list of friends and family & have
the recruit, recruit mentality. If they realized that they must STOP being shoe salesman because not only their
friends & family will want to get away from them. They tell 25 other people to stay away from them too!

The only person at the time who said no to making a list of friends and family was Michael Dlouhy. He targeted
the market by finding people who already had life insurance. Put an ad in the paper and had plenty of
appointments during the week!! IMPACT like Richard Dennis used to emphasize and Bob Shoaf continues
doing so as well.

Another part of Success In Ten Steps tells you that your prospects must have a reason to choose YOU over
their other 650 business options. Therefore you must learn exactly what to say and exactly what to do with them.

Because if you do not then you are roadkill and they will be on your company conventions stage however on
someone elses team NOT yours. Not only that but you must follow up with them as well because if you do NOT
then that same thing that I mentioned in the preceding sentence is gonna happen and you do NOT want that.

Everybody knows that you must win the trophies and its based on merit. There is no handouts here or anywhere
else. Its no different than the guy winning the girl, getting selected for a job with the city, acing your job interview,
sponsoring your new prospect, getting your 10 loyal customers and KEEPING them! Rules of the Game of Life!

Tom Big Al Schrieter mentions in How To Attract Marketing Leaders Part II that you are one prospect from making
$1,000,000. Doesn't that alone give you a hint that you should definitely cut all distractions out? There is an old
saying your Focus Forms Your Future. What are you focusing on?

Are you driving your car and always looking behind you every minute behind the wheel? Or are you moving forward towards your goals?

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Good is always the enemy of the great. What are you willing to do today what others won't so that tommorow you can have what others can't?

PPS: Children do not know how to say no. We as adults in America have that right. The Berlin Wall is gone and
Communisim plus control and slavery is a thing of the past. Free Will- Hello?

Five, Four, Three, Two, One time to decide!