Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Loray Rover Greenbelt , MD, US

Posted: 2018-08-17

Based on the book Think and Grow Rich, Chapter 8: Decision


  In reading what Hill says on Henry Ford, one of the best qualities he had was a habit of reaching decisions right away and without a doubt, and changing them  gradually.  It was than Mr. Ford best quality was articulated, he had been given the character of being persistent.  This was a quality which triggered Mr.Ford to ongoing with the manufacture of his well-known Model “T”  ( the planet’s unattractive vehicle) at the time when most of all his advisers and numerous buyers of the vehicle, were suggesting him to change it.  Maybe, Mr. Ford took too long in manufacturing the change.  But what we do know is Mr. Ford’s decision yielded a large fortune, before the change in the model became all-important.


“Heart” Decisions vs. “Head” Decisions

  In Micheal Dilouhy ebook, “Heart” decisions run deeper & last longer than “head” decisions. Direct market- ing relationships based on money & product disappear when a competitor up- grades product or lowers price.

But network marketing habits based on higher motivations & emotional connec- tions are hard to break.

If you want to inspire people to learn, grow, develop, succeed, and be all they can be, we can help.

In the end, you must have or develop your own skills & knowledge. And no mat- ter what the future may bring for your company, so long as you gain relation- ship skills & knowledge, your income is more secure.

If you’ve started to build your web, and you’ve treated people right ... then if something unexpected happens to ruin a business, your people will follow you to a new one.

THAT is security.


The Master Mind had in advance been organized. Hill says It consisted of Adams, Lee, and Hancock.  What I do know, that if two of you agree upon the earth concerning anything for which you ask, it will come to you from My Father, who is in Heaven.”


Again thank you Micheal and Linda Dilouhy for this incredible ebook filled with wisdom and knowledge as I am forever humbled with much gratitude and much to be thankful for in life. Thank you , also Master minds group I value each thoughts and comments on the call and humbled with thankfulness because of all your experience, wisdom and knowledge, thank you.


Loray Rover