Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Leo Dubois Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2018-08-14


Chapter VII, ORGANIZED PLANNING , is a lengthy treatise on two topics. One is concerned with the forming of a Master Mind Group with purpose to form the Master Plan; the second, outlines the requirements needed when applying for employment or a paid position. For our purposes, the formation of organizing a Master Mind Group to draft out the Master Plan is paramount for each one of us because we are all individuals in business for ourselves. Not having had the boot camp training though, I am somewhat apprehensive on how to proceed. But, I can see it as the beginning for forming a Master Mind Group to form the  Master Plan. To move ahead in this area, read Chapter X, POWER  of the MASTER MIND. There are also some excellent postings on chapter 10 which merit a second reading.