Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2018-08-11


Think & Grow Rich, Chapter 7

Hill begins the chapter on Organized Planning by subtitling it “The Crystallization of Desire into Acton.”  Right away we are reminded that planning begins AFTER the desire.

We have been fortunate enough to be fulfilling his first instruction to “ally with a group of as many people as you need for the creation, and carrying out of your plan.”

As network marketers, we have been lead to this group that Michael Dlouhy created and have the opportunity to meet “at least twice a week, and more if possible”…and we meet in perfect harmony.  I have yet to hear an argument on these calls, though it is clear we are exchanging ideas and learning from each other.  Each person’s thoughts are respected.

Now that we are a part of this group, Chapter 7 urges us to decide what “advantages, and benefits” we may offer individual members of the group, in return for their cooperation.

This is much more than a chapter about how to set up our offices or deciding which system of physical organization we will use.  The organized planning starts within ourselves. 

It’s about assessing ourselves…our personal attributes and developing a plan to become better than we are today. Hill doesn’t begin by showing rosy bright lights and confetti dropping down on our successful end product.  He first makes us ponder about whether we want to be leaders or followers and then addresses the path to leadership.

Hill affirms that we will most likely first pass through the obstacle course of Temporary Defeats and must learn not to take it seriously.  In spite of obstacles…to win, we can’t quit.

Through our personal assessment we can see the major attributes of leadership and the major causes of failure as a leader.  If we jot down the attributes we feel we have developed and the major causes of failure we have already overcome, then we can calmly focus on developing or overcoming characteristics we feel we don’t yet possess and still need to master.  We can experience incremental growth each week we share Hill’s knowledge with each other and help one another recognize his/her immense value to us all.

Thank you Michael and Linda for providing a safe platform for our development.  I know, like some others, I was timid about sharing my ideas for a long time on the group calls, but now feel the support we give one another and invite all to take the risk and let this group strengthen our attributes as leaders.  Each of us benefits the others in this group.


Kay Young

Superior, CO