Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Levi Baker Elizabethtown, KY, United States

Posted: 2018-08-09

Think and Grow Rich Lesson 7 

This has to be the nose defined cheaper in the whole book. It gives you clear steps and procedures you need too successfully build a team of successful leadership bound teams .

This is a good quailty too have a we mantaillty because I never played well with a dream driven company or a team driven business model and this chapter really proves that no one and I do mean no one gets anywhere in life business love or any other life skill with the I , I , I mantaillty. 

This concept took me years too learn that this thing called life is bigger then me and if I am willing top be taught and too teach sills that learn without having a clear cut agenda then a clear satisfaction doesn't always have too be monertary.

You can do things and just expect your students to pay it forward throught the knowledge you are teaching and helping them pass on what accuire through you nut make sure the knowledge you give is accurate and precise do speak of what you have not been taught by a perfesdional be clear and honest what yoy would like the out come of your teachings to achieve for ever individual .

If you have a monetary goal do not expect more then what you give and always provide valuable content not just thwvindustry norm that is where most Leardeds/ Gurus get blown out of the water by me you have some of the gurus charging 20 a session for mentoring and they are teaching the basics .

But then I tan into Bob and bob introduced to Mike and mike teaches what I have been looking for decades the advanced teachings and does it all for free I have pinch self ever time I post a lesson sometimes I sit back and wonder how did I get so lucky too get a second chance too impact so many life's and it is all bring taught too us as a group for free and we all have our own perceptions on it and really we work together too make a seemingly easy process run like s machine .

Thank you Mike and Bob and all the rest of the mentoring for free  students you make me want to be better and do more and strive for more .


Levi Baker

Elizabethtown Kentucky